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James is a WebMaster, HTML coder, WebsiteDesigner, Software PQATester, Linguist,Multilingual, DBase3/Clipper Programmer, Videographer, Photographer, PC Analyst, Paralegal, Loan Auditor, Writer, Researcher, Pastor, & now Pirate (actor, of course).

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Jim has about 100 Websites, mainly devoted to educating YOU about THE TRUTH, because "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE", but mainstream Media won't tell you.
Jim is a Paralegal Fighting Banks, Lenders, & Bureaucrats (under lawyer supervision)
Banks and Lenders committed Fraud: they Lied and set up Securitization Trusts to cheat Borrowers & Investors. They committed Fraud in many ways.
To understand why Jim is fighting Banks and Lender, go to www.WaMuFraud.com and watch about 15 Videos showing the Fraud the Banks and Lenders perpetrated.
www.BeatForeclosureFast.com shows you many ways to get out of Foreclosure.
An Auditor analyzing for Violations by your Lender
Often, the Lender violated laws in the Original Loan Documents they gave you,
and sometimes even forged documents they had recorded.
www.AmericanLoanAudits.com explains how Lenders lied to you.
They pretended to be the Lender, but had a Depositor to a Securitization Trust buy your loan to market it overseas. Your loan could be an investment for Chinese, Germans, or even Osama Bin Laden!

Rescind Your Mortgage
Previously, the Banks and Lenders just ignored whatever the Homeowner did.
The Tides have changed: The US Supreme Court ruled in January 2015 that, if the Homeowner Rescinds the Loan under TILA, it's automatic unless the Lender sues them within 20 days.
The Homeowner no longer has to sue to enforce the Rescission.
We can review your Recorded Documents and Origination Documents, then do a Securitization Audit, which will usually uncover Glaring Errors, often Fraud by the Lender, that you may be able to use as a basis for Rescission.
Contact Jim for more Details (562) 867-3230
Mortgage Rescission  TILA
Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt
(Before Now, I got rid of Credit Card Debt after the Credit Card Company has written it off, by Fighting Debt Collectors with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)
I have found a company that shows the original Credit Card Company their FRAUD, and the Credit Card Co just goes away.
They only charge $450 for a lifetime of support for a family (husband, wife and kids)
Check them out at www.WipeAwayDebt.com or www.CancelOutDebts.com Eliminate Credit Card Debt
Canít Refinance because you owe too much?
About to lose Your House in Foreclosure?
You can get $10,000 Cash to Walk Away
at CashFromHomeEquity.com or CashNotShortSale.com
Even after a Notice of Default,
(but before Notice of Sale)

Call Jim for Details at (562) 867-3230
or email Jim at jimk@cyberdude.com
Mortgage Equity

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Jim Gives Away Free Info:
Fraud when Lenders Securitized Loans Learn Lender Fraud = all aspects Get a Corporation for Less!

Read why Incorporating in Wyoming is Best,
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www.deepinfo.com/fighttickets/ - How to Get Rid of Most Traffic Tickets in California using Court Procedures and Laws against them.

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Cities and Counties are Stealing Your Rights - Public Servants think they are your Masters

www.StopCityFraud.com discusses how Government has gotten out of hand. We actually NO LONGER HAVE CITIES, COUNTIES, ETC - WE HAVE "FOR-PROFIT" MUNI CORPORATIONS MASQUERADING AS GOV'T. (Check their CAFR [Comprehensive Financial Report] and you'll find most small "Cities" have over $100,000,000 ($100 million+) in investments.)
NOW Cities and Counties are using Code Enforcement to deprive Citizens of their property.
For example, www.StopCityFraud.com/av/ shows how L.A. County is forcing homeowners in Antelope Valley off their land.
www.StopCityFraud.com/rv/ shows how many Southern California Cities are banning RVs.
www.StopCityFraud.com/homeless/ shows how many Cities are making Homelessness a Crime.
http://www.stopcityfraud.com/nopossess/ talks about a lawsuit against a lawbreaking Broker for Bank of America.
Evidence of Corrupt Judges with Jim Krage: 1, 2, 3, 4 - Read more at JudgeBribes

WHAT DID THE EXPERTS SAY ABOUT THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA? "Innocent people remain in prison" and "...the LA Superior Court and the DA office ... that the Blue Panel Report recommends must be investigated ... have not produced any response..." LAPD Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2006) www.scribd.com/doc/24902306
* "...judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit." Prof David Burcham, Dean, Loyola Law School, LA (2000) www.scribd.com/doc/29043589
* "This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states... and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted." Prof Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, Irvine Law School (2000) (link removed: www.scribd.com/doc/274339) - Free Richard Fine - the biggest travesty of justice in LA County. - Read more at JudgeBribes

Jim Exposes the New World Order, Illuminati, and other evildoers
and Informs YOU of things you probably don't know about

www.DeepInfo.com exposes "What the Media Won't Tell You, and the Government Doesn't Want YOU to Know.
www.deepinfo.com/libya/ esplains how NATO murdered Civilians, the Rebels are not Libyans but Mercenaries, many Al-Qaeda from Iraq, & why not to tear down a thriving Republic (like ours).
www.deepinfo.com/911/ exposes the Truth about 911, and Government Planning of it. - www.deepinfo.com/downfall/ the US Government is causing the Downfall of the US
DeepInfo.com on Ron Paul for President 2012 - the ONLY CANDIDATE that talks about the real issues.
DeepInfo.com on Obama Lies / DeepInfo.com on Radiation Fallout from Japan - DeepInfo.com on Aids Aids is a virus that is different from Organ Weakness/Immune Deficiency.
www.deepinfo.com/barcode/UPCinfo.htm gives specifics of how 666 is in every BarCode - you can't buy and sell without it.
www.deepinfo.com/solarflares.htm explains the connection between the Mayan Calendar, 2013 and current Solar Flare Activity - More new info on Solar Flares, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, & Comets at www.DeepInfo.com/2011/ & www.DeepInfo.com/end/
http://www.deepinfo.com/antichrist/Antichrist.htm some perspectives on potential candidates for AntiChrist.
www.deepinfo.com/WorldGrid.htm explains the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Triangle near Japan and other Vortexes on the World Grid. Cited by Wikipedia at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vile_Vortices and misc.thefullwiki.org/Vile_Vortices. Also linked to by http://www.realmagick.com/list-of-ley-lines-south-england/
www.deepinfo.com/SoundHealing.htm enlightens you on Sound Healing. - www.deepinfo.com/tesla.htm Nikola Tesla & his Free Energy Machine, plus discoveries by Rife and Reich.
www.profoundwisdom.com/ explains how Jesus' True Teachings were hidden by the Vatican. - www.livefoodhealing.com/ teaches how Raw Food Heals YOU.
www.livelonger-lookyounger.com/cancerhelp.htm shows you new developments to Reverse Aging and fight Cancer.

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Forensic Loan Audits, Mortgage Compliance Audits
Loan Audits Catch Laws Broken by the Lender
Loan Audits help Loan Modification Negotiations
Federal Laws violated: TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, etc.
State Laws violated: Unfair Business Practices,
Unfair Advertising, Trust Fund Mishandling,
Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Contract, etc

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